On April 7, 2021, a lawsuit was filed against Bowmar Nutrition for over-stating the protein content of its high-protein nut butters and other protein products (“the Products”).

Based on testing commissioned by Consumer Products Association, Inc., a nonprofit organization that was founded to educate consumers on the accuracy of nutritional label and marketing claims of consumer products, many of the Bowmar Nutrition products contain less than the represented amount of protein.

Some of the high-protein nut butters are as much as 50% short on the stated amount of protein per serving with some of the protein powders having far less than half of the represented protein content.

These variances from stated nutritional claims are unlawful under Federal law which require that fortified protein products must contain protein in amounts “at least equal to the value for that nutrient declared on the label.” 21 C.F.R. § 101.9(g)(4)(i).

In addition, the variances tend to move in one direction, i.e., the Products consistently overstate their actual protein content. In addition, testing also reveals gross inaccuracies in other claims made on the nutritional labels of the Products with more calories and saturated fat than what is represented.

You can read the lawsuit here: Amended Complaint – Bowmar Nutrition

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