San Diego Litigation Attorney

At the law firm of Charles C. Weller A.P.C., we work tenaciously to resolve legal disputes — quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. We are a personal injury, employment and business litigation law firm that helps innocent victims of auto accidents, aviation disasters, defective products, dangerous drugs, business fraud, harassment, discrimination, retaliation and wrongful termination pursue their legal rights. We are a law firm that takes on large corporations and government entities whose negligence or wrongful conduct causes our clients’ injuries, and holds them accountable. In order to defend your rights, you need help from a tough group of lawyers who know how to navigate the waters of personal injury and employment litigation and who have a proven track record of major wins representing clients just like you.

Experienced Representation

Our attorneys are and have always been champions of consumer rights. The size or clout of the corporations we pursue is never a deterrent to our pursuit for justice. Over the years, we have built up the resources we need to thoroughly investigate these personal injury, product defect and employment cases, and achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. Clients benefit from our results-oriented philosophy, strategic approach and drive to achieve their goals.

Our Commitment to You

We believe that an involved client can contribute greatly to the final result. When advising and representing you, we will explain the strengths and weaknesses of your case and the legal issues that will shape the outcome. Our law firm will recommend a strategy designed to achieve your goals and clearly explain the potential risks and costs associated with that strategy. You will be able to make informed decisions as your case moves forward. We will then work diligently to achieve your goals — keeping you informed and responding promptly to your inquiries. You will have confidence, knowing that we are doing everything possible to achieve your desired results.

About Charles C. Weller

Our founder and principal, Charles C. Weller, has pursued hundreds of legal actions in court, including many trials taken to verdict. Mr. Weller is frequently asked by other lawyers and law firms to serve as lead counsel or co-counsel in civil litigation cases. He has the case management skills to oversee complex litigation cases involving document-intensive discovery, multiple parties and counterclaims.

As the Fitness Lawyer®, he has also served as counsel to countless sports and fitness nutritional supplement companies to help ensure their compliance with federal laws and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations. Often consulted for his expertise in the sports and fitness industry as it pertains to regulatory compliance and legal strategy, Mr. Weller has become well known as one of the nation’s leading authorities in this area.



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