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Business fraud can occur in many contexts. The seller of a business may misrepresent the financial condition of the enterprise. A company may hire away a key executive, knowing that he or she will bring vital trade secrets to the new employer. A trusted manager may embezzle funds or take kickbacks from a supplier. These and other types of business fraud can prove very costly to a company.

What rights and options does the victimized company have? Depending on the specific circumstances of the case, it may or may not have an actionable claim. Only a careful examination of the facts and representations made can show what options the company has.

The law firm of Charles C. Weller A.P.C., Attorney At Law is an experienced commercial litigation firm that aggressively represents clients in business fraud cases. If you have a claim or are a defendant in a business fraud lawsuit, we can represent you.

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Business Fraud Cases

California makes it difficult for a victimized company or individual to pursue a business fraud claim. Nevertheless, if the case has merit, it is possible to obtain compensation for financial losses and in some situations, punitive damages as well.

Charles C. Weller has extensive experience in cases involving misrepresentations, complex business disputes and other types of business litigation. When representing you, Mr. Weller will investigate all aspects of your case, prepare for trial and work aggressively to achieve your goals. As your case moves forward, our firm will keep you informed of developments and opportunities to achieve an acceptable negotiated outcome.

Whether it involves financial fraud, embezzlement, illegal acquisition of trade secrets or another matter, you can depend on the law firm of Charles C. Weller A.P.C., Attorney At Law for aggressive, results-oriented advocacy.

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