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A trademark or a copyright can be a valuable business asset that enables a company to generate a stream of profits. When that asset is under threat from infringement or a competing claim on that asset, you should take action to protect it.

At the law firm of Charles C. Weller A.P.C., Attorney At Law, we represent businesses and entrepreneurs in intellectual property litigation. We are trial advocates who have experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in these cases. We work diligently to identify the factual and legal issues underpinning these disputes — and to achieve a positive resolution in a cost-effective manner.

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Creative Solutions to Business Disputes

Our founder and principal, Charles C. Weller, is an accomplished trial lawyer with extensive business litigation experience on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants. Mr. Weller can review your situation and explain your legal options.

Before recommending litigation, though, he will explore the possibility of using other means to resolve the dispute. This could involve a negotiated settlement that protects your rights and enables you to continue using your trademark. If litigation appears to be necessary, Mr. Weller will explain the potential risks and costs of litigation upfront. You will be able to make informed decisions about how to move forward. If you choose litigation, our firm will vigorously pursue your goals at trial.

The best way to avoid trademark or copyright litigation is to protect your intellectual property assets. Our firm provides a full range oftrademark and copyright services designed to help growing businesses protect their intellectual property assets and obtain continuing streams of revenue from those assets.

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