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California Sports and Fitness Industry Lawyer

San Diego Dietary Supplement Attorney

The law firm of Charles C. Weller A.P.C., Attorney At Law provides cutting-edge advice and cost-effective legal solutions for the sports and fitness industry. Our clients include dietary supplement companies, nutrition stores, athletes and entrepreneurs. Our industry-specific experience enables our clients to deal successfully with the many legal and commercial challenges they face.

We provide advice, services and representation in matters involving:

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Experienced California Sports and Fitness Industry Attorney

Charles C. Weller, the Fitness Lawyer®, has extensive experience providing legal services and representation to the fitness industry. As an authority in sports performance supplements and regulatory, advertising, and marketing law, the Fitness Lawyer® offers a variety of legal services from start-up companies to long-established members of the health and fitness industry.  Mr. Weller understands the business and legal challenges facing fitness industry companies and has developed a practice catering to clients in the health and fitness community. Mr. Weller has served as both in-house and outside counsel to countless nutritional supplement companies. He provides a complete range of advice, services and representation and is often hired as a consultant for his expertise in this highly specialized area of law.

More information about our firm's work on behalf of companies in the sports and fitness industry can be found at www.fitnesslawyer.com.

Forward-Thinking Solutions

Much of our firm's work involves laying the groundwork for profitable sports and fitness enterprises. We can advise in matters involving business formation, contracts, trademarks, regulatory compliance and risk prevention. Charles C. Weller is also an accomplished trial attorney who resolves disputes involving business ownership, breach of contract, intellectual property, products liability and other matters. Whatever the nature of your legal issues, the Fitness Lawyer® can provide forward-thinking and cost-effective solutions with responsive service.

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